Little Angels

Last week my cousin, Jill, gave birth to her & her husband's sweet little twins, Brayden & McKenzy. They were born almost 2 months premature. We are heart broken to say that little Brayden didn't make it. Something went wrong with his umbilical cord, & he passed away, which is what caused Jill to go into labor so early. We are all so sad that this little member of our family couldn't stay with us, but we are so blessed to have little McKenzy here and doing remarkably well. She is only 3.5 lbs. but she is breathing on her own & growing stronger everyday. We like to think of her as our precious angel baby. We had a graveside service for her brother on Saturday, which, as you can imagine, was extremely hard for everyone, especially mom & dad. But we know Brayden will always be with them, watching out for his beautiful sister, and we are very blessed to know that we will all get to be with him again someday.

A Bit of Randomness...

My mom says I don't blog enough, but that's because there aren't too many hip & happenin' things going on! So I decided to take & post a few random pictures in order to make a contribution to the world of blogging. They aren't too thrilling, but I hope you enjoy! :)

Baby Shower for Kimmi & Baby Hallie!

Last week I had a baby shower for my friend Kim. It was so much fun to see all of our friends that we haven't seen for a long time! It is so crazy that my friends are having babies! It makes me feel so old! But Kim is going to be the best mom ever! I can't wait until Baby Hallie comes and we get to dress her up in a million bows, dresses, and other girlie pretties!!!


Game 1!

Okay...so this has taken me forever to post, but better late than never I guess! 2 Saturdays ago was Game 1 of the season! We were so pumped up! There's nothing better than an intense artistic display of athletic ability on a Saturday afternoon! Our boys played a little sloppy, but they pulled it off in the end! Here's to a winning season! Go Cougars!

About Us

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog! Brady and I were married on November 3, 2009. We live in a house in The Cove in Herriman. Brady is in commercial insurance and bonding for the Buckner Company and I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. We have a baby boy named Korvin who is our pride and joy! We also have a yellow lab named Daisy and an Imperial Shih Tzu named Axel. Brady and I are pretty chill. Besides snuggling our new baby, we love doing things like watching movies, taking walks, going on weekend trips to St. George, shopping for house stuff (I'll be punished for sharing that!),hanging out at the cabin, taking drives, and spending time with all our family & friends who we love dearly! Thanks for visiting & letting us share our life with you!