Ash & Brady Bonding Time!

Do you ever have those times when you need to get away to unwind, and you just want to sit and think about everything and nothing all at the same time?  Brady & I seem to have those times quite often.  It's just so nice to drive somewhere relaxing to take your mind off of everyday life, and think about things that your brain normally doesn't seem to have the time or energy to think about.  Maybe that sounds weird & creepy...and you all now want to delete me from your blogs...but trust me! It's great! You should try it sometime! :0) 


A Wicked Easter Weekend!

Finally!!! We waited 4 months and finally WICKED rolled into town!  It's only the best play ever! I've seen it before...but it was just as good, if not better the 2nd time around!  Brady wasn't too sure about the whole thing at first...but after he got the chills in Defying Gravity he was sold! Needless to say...it was amazing!!!  And right after Wicked, the Thorns & Hendricksons all packed up & went to St. George so that the boys could golf in an AGC golf tournament!  Talk about the ultimate Easter weekend!!!

California Dreamin'

A couple of weeks ago, we all went to California for Madi's cheer nationals!  Well...it wasn't so much about cheerleading as it was the free hotel for Brady and I! (Thanks parents!) We drove half way, and stayed in Las Vegas for a night on the way there.  The only reason I'm throwing that in there is that the hotel was quite an experience!  I wish we would've taken pictures! It's possible the thing was once used as a homeless shelter or something...and Brady definitely gave me some crap for booking it!  Kinda funny.  Anyway, California was so much fun!  The weather was only nice 1 of the days, but who cares?!  It's California! We did the whole hopper pass thing for a couple of days, ate at a bunch of fun places, and acted like a bunch of kids the whole time! It doesn't get much better than the Happiest Place On Earth!

About Us

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog! Brady and I were married on November 3, 2009. We live in a house in The Cove in Herriman. Brady is in commercial insurance and bonding for the Buckner Company and I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. We have a baby boy named Korvin who is our pride and joy! We also have a yellow lab named Daisy and an Imperial Shih Tzu named Axel. Brady and I are pretty chill. Besides snuggling our new baby, we love doing things like watching movies, taking walks, going on weekend trips to St. George, shopping for house stuff (I'll be punished for sharing that!),hanging out at the cabin, taking drives, and spending time with all our family & friends who we love dearly! Thanks for visiting & letting us share our life with you!