I just got my "groomals" back yesterday, and I love them! I don't know how I'll ever decide which ones I want printed! Here are some for you to look at and give me your opinion on which ones you like best. If any of you are looking for a photographer...Vanessa Millecam is the bomb!


He Never Said It Would Be Easy...He Only Said It Would Be Worth It

I normally don't like to post things that don't have pictures to go along with them. Mostly I just feel like people would rather see those instead of read my ramblings! However, I need to make this post to get it out into the void, and there's just no happy, fun picture to go along with it. Sorry! Anyway, people keep asking me about my wedding plans and where we're getting married, so I thought I'd just put it out there to everyone at once. As most of you know, Brady and I were planning on getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. Because we've both been married before, Brady had to get a sealing clearance and I had to get a sealing cancellation, so we've been waiting on that before making a final plan. I got my letter back this past week. They canceled my previous sealing, but they won't let Brady and I be sealed for 1 yr., so we're going to have to have a civil ceremony at Heritage Gardens. You can imagine my shock! It is the weirdest thing, and neither of us can even begin to understand it. The only real explanation we've received is from Brady's mission president who said the first presidency is doing that a lot now, because so many people keep getting divorced and remarried, and don't take their covenants seriously. I guess that makes sense...but still! Any of you who know either of us knows that definitely wasn't the case! We're both perfectly worthy to go to the temple, we can do sealings for other people, but WE can't be sealed? Needless to say, I was a complete wreck for about a day. Then Brady, being the rock in my life that he is, helped me to calm down and realize that the important thing is that we're getting married, and we just need to move forward. It hardly seems fair after all the two of us have been through, but we have to have faith that the Lord has his reasons for everything. So there it is. When you hear I didn't get married in the temple, there is no need for speculation. It is what it is. I think we'll do a session together the night before we get married, still enjoy having a fabulous wedding day celebrating our love for each other, and look forward to next year when we can finally be sealed for all eternity. It will be an awesome anniversary present at least! And it's like Brady says...we get to have 2 celebrations! He he he! :) He's just the best. He's so positive and never let's anything cramp his style. So even though it won't be exactly what we planned...we still just can't wait for November 3rd! :)


Engagement Pics!

It's almost here!  Brady and I are less than 1 month away from our special day!  I can't wait!!!  We're so freaking excited!  I hope the next few weeks go by fast!  But at the same time...I still have tons to do, so maybe not too fast! ;)  We got our engagement pictures back this weekend and they turned out so good!  Our photographer is amazing!  You should check out her website! www.vanessamillecam.com  She was so cute and made us a little video of our pics!  Here is the link!  Hope you all enjoy! :) http://video214.com/play/F7V355QNozQkz4I1Kv3Emg/s/dark

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog! Brady and I were married on November 3, 2009. We live in a house in The Cove in Herriman. Brady is in commercial insurance and bonding for the Buckner Company and I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. We have a baby boy named Korvin who is our pride and joy! We also have a yellow lab named Daisy and an Imperial Shih Tzu named Axel. Brady and I are pretty chill. Besides snuggling our new baby, we love doing things like watching movies, taking walks, going on weekend trips to St. George, shopping for house stuff (I'll be punished for sharing that!),hanging out at the cabin, taking drives, and spending time with all our family & friends who we love dearly! Thanks for visiting & letting us share our life with you!