Winding Down Summer

Is summer pretty much over already?  Really?!  I swear it just started, and all of a sudden it's September, the air is getting cooler, the mayhem of football rivalry is starting, and I'm fighting off the urge to wear boots and scarves!  But I guess its okay, because fall is by far my favorite time of year!  You know how they say spring is the time when everyone gets rejuvenated and feels more alive?  Not so for me.  Even though I live for warm weather, there is just something about fall that gets me going.  I don't know if it's the fact that I can stomp on crunchy leaves as I walk around outside, make homemade soup and bread sticks, or decorate my house with pumpkins and warm colors, but something about autumn just makes me oh so happy!  Last weekend, I really started feeling it when we spent the night at the Thorn cabin and it poured rain all night!  We had to snuggle up by the fire and play Phase10 to keep our blood pumping, and when we woke up to the crisp, mountain air we decided we needed to have ourselves a hearty breakfast at Silver Fork Lodge.  Now if that whole scenario doesn't scream fall-time, I don't know what does!  (Kind of a fun side note-as we were eating breakfast, we realized we'd gotten engaged exactly 1 year ago that day!  We were celebrating without even knowing it!  :0)  I can't believe it's already been that long, and that our 1 year anniversary is rapidly approaching!)  Here are a couple of pics from breakfast.  Kind of boring, but let's be honest-we look at blogs for the pics, and if on the off chance you are even taking the time to read my ramblings-you're probably not exactly sitting on the edge of your seat! :0)


Please don't judge me for my hideousness-I had just spent the night roughing it in the great outdoors! :0)  Anyway, I guess that's my little kick-off to Fall 2010.  My fall wreath is up, my jackets are out, and I'm ready for the fun festivities that this time of year brings!  Happy Fall Everyone!  It's upon us whether we like it or not! :0)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog! Brady and I were married on November 3, 2009. We live in a house in The Cove in Herriman. Brady is in commercial insurance and bonding for the Buckner Company and I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. We have a baby boy named Korvin who is our pride and joy! We also have a yellow lab named Daisy and an Imperial Shih Tzu named Axel. Brady and I are pretty chill. Besides snuggling our new baby, we love doing things like watching movies, taking walks, going on weekend trips to St. George, shopping for house stuff (I'll be punished for sharing that!),hanging out at the cabin, taking drives, and spending time with all our family & friends who we love dearly! Thanks for visiting & letting us share our life with you!