Secondhand Serenade...Round 2!

So, last night Madi, Amy, and I went to Secondhand Serenade...again!!! I love them so much! If I haven't said it before...John Vesely is...well...there aren't words! He's beautiful, talented, funny, and the list goes on and on! We had to wait 3 1/2 hours for him to come out! They had 6 lamo bands play before him...but as soon as he walked on stage it was all worth it! Can't wait for round 3!


Cheer Coach!

Hey, all my fellow ex-cheerleaders! A good friend of mine called, and Mountain View High School needs a new cheer coach! There's quite randomly, and since school is starting in a couple of weeks they are in desperate need of one! I wouldn't have the time to do it, but if any of you are interested you better jump on it! You can go apply at Mountain View High School, or you can get in touch with me, and I'll give you the number of someone you can call! This would be a fun opportunity I'm sure for any of you interested in that type of thing! Get back in touch with your inner cheerleader!!! Go, Fight, Win!!!


Weekend in St. George!

I went to St. George with my family this past weekend! Apparently it wasn't hot enough here so we needed to go where it was 114 degrees! We had so much fun though! Our first night there we went to Tuacan and saw Les Miserables...one of our faves! They did an amazing job!

Day #2 started early when Madi & I got in line at Barnes & Noble at 7:00am to get our wrist bands for Breaking Dawn! Of course our copies were reserved, but if you didn't have a wrist band, you would have to wait in line forever after midnight just to buy your book! So of course we were one of the first ones there & got the first round of wristbands! Anything for Edward! Later that day, we went bowling at the ghetto bowling ally that where we had to press the reset button everytime, but it was still way fun! After that, it was off to play #2...The Sound of Music! This one was also awesome even though we had to leave a little early...we couldn't miss the entire Breaking Dawn Party! So Madi & I went and joined the rest of the crazies at Barnes & Noble to get the best book of all time! I loved loved LOVED it!!! I just have to wonder though...when is Edward going to show up in my life and turn me into a vampire? Please tell me it's soon!!! :)

Since Madi & I stayed up reading until 4:00am, day #3 started off late! I think we woke up around noon and lounged around by the pool most of the day reading about our true love! Then we hit up a family tradition...Fiesta Fun! All I can say about it is good times...GOOOOD TIMES!!!

All in all the trip was a success. Although I have to say the best part was when my dad was getting ready, and instead of spraying his hair with hairspray...he douced himself with "Big Sexy Hair"! Needless to say, his was looking very pretty! Ha ha! Cute little dad! Thanks parents for a fabulous time as always...and thank you Madsi for once again serving as our entertainment, and sharing the ending of the Saga with me!!!

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