Homecomings and Happenings!

We have had a busy couple of weeks!  It has been one big whirlwind of fun!  Here are some things we've been up to:

Little Madi Moo turned 19!  We had a great time celebrating at Red Lobster!

Elder Hendrickson returned from the Jacksonville, Florida Mission on March 31!  We've had a great time welcoming him home!  Although...I think we've all been a little more excited than him!  He's still adjusting! :0)

We had our first Easter as a married couple!  It was so fun to have Easter and Conference in the same weekend!  We went to the Saturday morning session at the Conference center, then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with family!  I wish I'd gotten more pics of our Conference breakfast, Easter egg hunts, etc. but I just got burnt out! :0)  So this is all you get!  Sorry!  But...Happy Easter Everyone!  Now let's hope it starts getting warmer so it can officially feel like spring!!!


Jonathan and Kiri said...

YAY! Welcome home Rylee! Gosh, two years fly by don't they? I bet that was such a wonderful day for your family. I'm so happy for you guys! And Easter looked wonderful for you two. How lucky you got to go to conference also. It was beautiful this weekend huh? Such amazing talks on families and such. I'm guessing your whole week last week was just one uplifting and fun week!

Glad to see you guys having so much fun!

Kim said...

Wow, your brother is home already! Crazy! Seems fast to me, though I am sure it doesn't to your family. I hope he adjusts well! :) You are looking as cute and fun as ever...

Mike and Kim said...

Hey! I can't believe your brother is home already, that seems to have gone by so fast. And yes, we need to call each other soon. Can you believe I am moving to Albuquerque NM!!!! I know we tried so very hard to be able to come back to Utah but there was just no one hiring for mike's degree right now. It's still really bad with the economy. Mike is very lucky because he is the only one so far in his graduating class you has a job offer and most people haven't even gotten interviews. We feel very blessed. I will get to come home more often so it won't be as bad. Miss you tons! I'm so happy you guys had a great Easter Weekend.

Amy and Barry said...

Love the fun, new Springy blog theme! If only we could make a few clicks to turn outside warm and Springy! Yay for Madi's birth and Riley coming home - looks like good times were had by all!

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