Happy Halloweek!

It's finally here! A week of Frightening fun! How great is it that this year we get to have an entire weekend of Halloween celebrations?!  Well, if you're as obsessed with Halloween as I am, you'll think it's SPOOKTACULAR! I've been working all month to turn my house into a Deadly dwelling, so I thought I'd share a few pics with you to get you into the Spooky spirit! :0)

Along came a spider idea came from House of Smiths!


                                                                             Vinyl Owl came from Wonderfully Wordy!
The EEK and Wreath ideas came from Eighteen25! You may think I'm crazy for dedicating a wall to Halloween, but this wall always drives me crazy! I've never known what to do with it.  So, I got a little inspiration from all of the crafty crafters out there & went for it! The best thing about this wall?  I created it mostly from stuff I already had or could easily create, so I think it only cost me about $20!  I figure I can switch everything out for other holidays.  When it's not a holiday...well...I don't know.  Hopefully I'll think of something! :0)



(I could not for the life of me get the last 2 to upload vertically!  So I guess you'll just have to tilt your head. Sorry! :0)  )


Mike and Kim said...

You are just so creative and gives me lots of ideas for when I have a house someday. Hope you guys have a happy Halloween! I also wanted to thank you guys again for coming to Molly's baby blessing. I loved seeing you and I appreciate all your support! Hope you guys are doing well.

Mom said...

Everything looks so fab sweetie!! What a great job!! I'm so proud of you!! Luvs, Mom

Jay and Linz said...

So cute! Your house looks great! Sadly, this year we just have a pumpkin :( Next year I hope to be more festive :)

VanOrden Family said...

So stinkin' cute! I love the Halloween wall! I've been wanting to put frames up down our stairs kinda like that but it seems so difficult! Love your Halloween house!

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